Perfect for small projects or rigs, our Obsidian Series 45-Watt panel works with any kind of 12-Volt battery. As thin as a flexible panel and 30% lighter than a traditional panel without compromising efficiency, this American-made panel also features an ultra-aerodynamic profile and a sleek black anodized aluminum frame.


If your RV has a Solar-Ready roof cap or sidewall port, you may need to purchase a wire or adapter to complete your install. If you are putting together a whole new system for off-grid solar, please select an integration kit to complete your set-up.


Kit Includes (ZSK1001):

  • One 45-watt solar panel,

  • One 10-foot wire harness

  • One set of Obsidian series low profile mounting feet.


Panel Size: 31.6” tall x 14.3” wide x .67” thin

Panel Weight: 5.8 lbs

ZAMP Obsidian 45 Watt Solar Panel Kit