The T-Ring digital tourniquet is a one size fits all device which provides reliable haemostasis for surgery on the digits. The device comprises a brightly-coloured outer plastic ring within which is a flexible disc which itself contains a hole. The ring has two “cutaway” sections on it, which allow its two halves to be separated, pulled apart and gently moved over a larger laceration if appropriate.


*Please note, a well stocked First Aid Kit is only useful in confident hands. We at Adventure Up Overland highly recommend Basic First Aid and/or Wilderness First Aid trainings for those going off grid, and assumes no liability for their misuse.

T-Ring Digit Tourniquet

  • + Applies enough pressure to all digit sizes

    + Highly Visible 

    + Each tourniquet is packaged in a sterile peel-open packet

  • + Applies pressure of150-160 mmHg on every digit size

    + Single Package Dimensions | 2.5 in. x 4.25 in.

    + Weight | 5.3g