The Steelie Ecosystem is a family of products that make mounting and viewing your device just about anywhere a snap. Featuring magnetic mounting technology, this two part ball and socket system creates a hands-free viewing platform with endless adjustable viewing angles in your car, at home, and on the go.


  • Car Mount Kit Adhesive: No need to worry about buying a whole new Steelie Car Mount Kit every time you replace your smartphone. Purchase a replacement adhesive kit and you can easily move your Steelie Phone Socket and Dash Ball to a new device or location.

  • Small Magnet: If your family has multiple mobile phones or devices, but share a vehicle or workspace: each location can have its very own Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket to attach to either the Car Mount or the Pedestal Kit. You can also secure to any metal surface.

  • Dash Ball: Multiple vehicles? Don't forget to purchase an extra Steelie Ball Mount so you can have the incredible functionality of the Steelie Car Mount Kit in every vehicle, boat, or plane you own. Compatible with both Steelie Magnetic sockets.

  • Tablet Adhesives: New device? No need to purchase a new Steelie Pedestal or HobKnob Kit. Simply remove the existing adhesive, replace it with a brand new one, and you are ready to go.
  • Large Magnet: A great addition for households or workplaces with multiple devices. Securely attach the Steelie Magnetic Tablet Socket to any device for instant attachment to any Steelie Tabletop Stand, HobKnob Kit or metal surface.

Nite Ize Steelie Kit Parts

  • Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket: (Small Magnet)

    • Whether you've purchased a new phone, phone case, tablet, or are sharing cars with the family, this is the Steelie solution for you. Attach this individual Steelie Magnetic Socket to new or additional devices and connect to an existing Steelie mount, bringing your system together. Compatible with all Steelie Mounts for the car, home, office, or bike. Contains: 1 Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket + 3M® VHB® adhesive.

    Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus: (Large Magnet)

    • If you've upgraded your phone to a larger model or case, the Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus will stick with you through it all. The plus socket features a large, powerful neodymium magnet with holding power to mount even the largest phones and cases. Contains: 1 Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket + 3M® VHB® adhesive.

    The Steelie Dash Mount Kit Plus: (Dash Ball)

    • Offers twice the holding power of our Dash Mount Kit, making it perfect for plus-sized devices. This patented magnetic two piece ball-and-socket mounting kit allows you to effortlessly attach your phone to your dashboard. The Plus Kit also includes the MultiStick Adapter for ultimate versatility, allowing you to easily remove and restick the magnetic socket multiple times.

    Steelie Replacement Adhesive Kit: (Tablet Adhesive)

    • This universal adhesive kit contains everything you need to replace the adhesives on any Steelie mount or magnetic socket. Contains: 2 Steelie Dash Mount adhesive pads, 2 Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket adhesive pads + 2 Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Plus adhesive pads.