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With decades of proven experience on every major continent, National Luna’s portable 12V fridges and freezers have consistently outperformed the competition and set the industry’s benchmark for durability, efficiency, and performance. Today, they set another standard with the unveiling of their new Legacy Fridges and Freezers powered by their latest ingenuity, a proprietary Off-Road Compressor.


The new National Luna Legacy Fridges and Freezers will cool down faster and stay cool longer, all with less energy.


National Luna’s range of Dual Control fridges are the ultimate in versatility. National Luna offers its unique Dual Control units with two separate individually controlled fridge-freezer compartments, giving you the options of freezer/freezer, fridge/fridge, fridge/freezer, or freezer/fridge. It’s your choice! Also available in a variety of sizes.



The new National Luna Legacy Fridges and Freezers run on less energy thanks to the hard work of the new National Luna Off-Road Compressor, resulting in a performance increase. Having been the experts in 12V portable fridges for over 30 years, National Luna’s ingenious design team developed their own compressor. The all-new Legacy models are fitted with this new Off-Road Compressor and have an AC/DC electronic power supply fitted as standard equipment. The Legacy models will operate from 9.6V to 31.5V DC, as well as AC voltage ranging from 100V to 240V. Automatic switching is standard. After rigorous development and testing, this OEM Off-Road Compressor, designed specifically to handle the rumble and tumble of off-roading, reduces energy consumption and improves overall performance. This compressor comes with an 8-year warranty.



Smarter construction is one element of National Luna’s superior performance. Smarter compressor control is the other. The National Luna Off-Road Compressor will automatically operate in the high-speed TURBO mode until the temperature set point is reached. Thereafter it will operate in the energy-efficient idle mode, ensuring optimal power consumption. Because different battery types can be discharged to various levels, you have the power to select the depth of discharge of the battery, ie. how low you intend to allow the battery to flatten. All National Luna fridges and freezers incorporate Low/Medium/High battery cut-out protection circuitry. And finally, when it comes to operating your National Luna fridge or freezer, you are in charge like no other manufacturer. Equipped with an easy-to-read digital thermostat, the programmable intelligent controller allows you to set the exact temperature while simultaneously showing you the current compartment temperature. TURBO mode can also be manually selected.



The new National Luna Legacy Fridges and Freezers feature a higher density insulation around the compartments to increase the overall insulation value. With the coupled power from their latest and greatest new Off-Road Compressor, working hard to cool the fridge and freezer compartments down more rapidly, the higher density insulation ensures the compartments retain a longer cool period. Yet another way to ensure less energy consumption.



Made with a Stainless Steel exterior and aluminum interior, National Luna fridges and freezers are metal inside and out. The durability benefits are obvious, but it also provides better cooling. Metal cabinets and metal inner liners coupled with a unique manufacturing process allows the latest generation foam to be injected under high pressure resulting in denser, more effective insulation. The result? Maximum interior space with a more compact overall footprint. And while plastic fridges use a separate “refrigeration plate”, National Luna’s inner aluminum metal construction in conjunction with copper cooling piping means less cold spots (we all know that terrible single spot that freezes everything and shouldn’t?). This keeps temperatures stable across the whole of the interior, cuts running time, reduces how long it takes to the fridge to pull the temperature down once new contents are added, and keeps food fresher for longer.


All National Luna Legacy Fridges purchased directly from Equipt come with an (8) year compressor warranty and (3) year warranty fridge.


Single Zone Fridges

  • 40L Single Zone

    Small outside, but big inside National Luna's fully-featured "small" fridge/freezer fits easily into most vehicles offering a convenient way to take a weekends' food and drinks for two or three people. Ideal as a dedicated freezer.

    • 3 Food-Grade Baskets
    • Thermostat Range: +20°C to -30°C | 68°F to -22°F
    • Dimensions: 25" L x 16" W x 20" H | 635mm L x 420mm W x 515mm H
    • Volume: 10.4 gallons | 39.3L
    • Weight: 49.6 lbs | 22.5 kg


    52L Single Compartment

    National Luna's most affordable fridge/freezer gives you all the benefits of metal construction, large cooling surface, intelligent compressor control, and low power draw. Ideal large capacity in a compact size.

    • 3 Food-Grade Baskets
    • Thermostat Range: +20°C to -30°C | 68°F to -22°F
    • Dimensions: 28" L x 15" W x 20" H | 710mm L x 385mm W x 506mm H
    • Volume: 13.9 gallons | 52.6L
    • Weight: 52.9 lbs | 24 kg


    55L Single Compartment

    National Luna's NL55 fridge/freezer gives you all the benefits of metal construction, large cooling surface, intelligent compressor control, and low power draw with 60mm insulation.

    • 3 Food-Grade Baskets
    • Thermostat Range: +20°C to -30°C | 68°F to -22°F
    • Dimensions: 30" L x 17" W x 21" H | 750mm L x 425mm W x 535mm H
    • Volume: 14.1 gallons | 53.5L
    • Weight: 53.8 lbs | 24.4 kg


    65L Single Compartment

    The same small footprint as National Luna's NL40 Fridge but taller, with over 50% more capacity. Better suited for use as a fridge/freezer in motor homes and other applications where height is not an issue.

    • 5 Food-Grade Baskets
    • Thermostat Range: +20°C to -30°C | 68°F to -22°F
    • Dimensions: 25" L x 17" W x 28" H | 635mm L x 420mm W x 715mm H
    • Volume: 17.4 gallons | 66L
    • Weight: 59.1 lbs | 26.8 kg


    80L Single Compartment

    Practically-sized for families and four operators, and big enough to carry sufficient provisions for long expeditions, National Luna's NL80 fridges offer power cooling performance in a robust, easy to manage package.

    • 5 Food-Grade Baskets
    • Thermostat Range: +20°C to -30°C | 68°F to -22°F
    • Dimensions: 33" L x 20" W x 21" H | 835mm L x 495mm W x 535mm H
    • Volume: 21 gallons | 79.4L
    • Weight: 68.8 lbs | 31.2 kg


    125L Single Compartment

    A refrigerator that gives commercial users and tour operators serious carrying capacity with a relatively small footprint and remarkably low power draw!

    • 5 Food-Grade Baskets
    • Thermostat Range: +20°C to -30°C | 68°F to -22°F
    • Dimensions: 33" L x 20" W x 30" H | 835mm L x 495mm W x 750mm H
    • Volume: 33.8 gallons | 128.1L
    • Weight: 83.3 lbs | 37.8 kg


  • 40L Single Zone- $1,140

    52L Single Compartment- $1095

    55L Single Compartment- $1,160

    65L Single Compartment- $1,295

    80L Single Compartment- $1,395

    125L Single Compartment- $1,675





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