The Range Medic is the best First Aid Kit when you're going to the range, hunting or in the field that you'll find. Anywhere. Ever. Period. The First Aid Experts at MyMedic have designed this First Aid Trauma Kit by using range injury data, field testing with Firearms Professionals and advisors from the professional medical community to cover any range day mishap from minor to catastrophic. Whether you’re hammering steel at 25 yards or reaching out to a 1000+ the RangeMedic will be there to help you... Stay Alive!


• Buttoned Straps
The two buttoned Molle straps on the back of the Range bag are perfect for attaching this Kit to another bag... or whatever your heart desires.

• Heavy Duty Handle
Made to last. This handle is high quality and heavy duty. Designed to be easy to grab and easily attachable.

• Center-Fold Design
We created this bag to give you quick access to your First Aid Supplies. This flat-fold design makes it easy to see what you need, when you need it.

• Oversized Zipper
The last thing you want in an emergency situation is a stuck zipper. We thought of that. So we put the largest, highest quality zipper we could find on this Kit. Go ahead, try to get it to snag.

• Mesh Pouch
The mesh pouch on the front of the Range is ideal for storing extra bandages, sunscreen or half a Poptart.. (Save it for later!)

• NTOA Approved, OSHA & ANSI Approved

• FSA/HSA Approved Purchase


**Advanced Kit Only**

• Tear-Away Back Panel
In an emergency situation, speed is the most important factor. This rip-away design enables you to grab your Range Medic without any unbuckling.

• Removable Tourniquet Pouch
Because of it's Velcro backing, the pouch is easily removable. This allows you to quickly grab it in an emergency.


*Please note, a well stocked First Aid Kit is only useful in confident hands. We at Adventure Up Overland highly reccomend Basic First Aid and/or Wilderness First Aid trainings for those going off grid, and assumes no liablilty for thier misuse. 

Range Medic | First Aid Kit