There isn’t much better in camp than a cozy camp blanket.  We keep an Adventure Blanket tucked in the RTT or the trailer on every trip. On damp/cool days around camp, it’s a race to see who snags it first! Maybe we should pack 2…even the pup loves this thing!


Remember your favorite blanket as a child? The one that you took everywhere, the one that made you feel safe, and the one that smelled like every memory you've ever had? You're a grown-up now, and this is your new Adventure Woobie. From music festivals to romantic nights under the stars, and from the back of your truck to the edge of the Grand Canyon - Newport Adventure Blanket from Trek Light Gear is your new best friend. This midweight blanket is soft to the touch to keep you warm and cozy on cold nights and still plenty big enough to share with a friend.


* Expect variances! Each blanket is a unique creation - the diamond pattern may vary in each blanket and other details like the fringe thread colors, stripes, and even the hue of the main blanket color may be different than what's pictured.

Newport Adventure Blanket

    • Midweight design for durability and warmth
    • Diamond pattern with natural colors and fringed ends
    • Woven on a traditional handloom
    • Cozy and big blanket for sharing and cuddling
    • Uses: Camp blanket, picnics, yoga blanket, tapestry, bedspread, throw blanket, van life accessory, covering up large stains with style, putting over someone you love when they fall asleep on the couch and feeling awesome about yourself.
    • Length: 6.5ft / 78 in / 2m
    • Width: 4.5ft / 54 in / 1.4m
    • Weighs: 3.2lbs
    • 50% Acrylic, 40% Polyester, 10% Cotton
    • Mexican Blanket, Handmade In Mexico
    • Wash Cold, Tumble Low (Dry Clean for best care)
    • Happiness Guaranteed