The Moto Medic prepares you to handle the most common injuries and ailments that occur when you're ripping up the trails or zipping down the highway.


• Modular Organization
Each pocket and strap has velcro backing, allowing for infinite customization. Additionally, first aid category icons are velcro and help quickly find what you need.

• MOLLE Patches
MOLLE loops can be found on both sides and are perfect for attaching to pretty much anything. Or attaching things to. Like a strap...or a cucumber.

• Next-Level Stormproofing
Waterproof material with welded seams and a water-resistant zipper means you can confidently take this kit on your next epic adventure.

• Carry Loop
External loop provides a carry handle or carabiner attach point.


*Please note, a well stocked First Aid Kit is only useful in confident hands. We at Adventure Up Overland highly recommend Basic First Aid and/or Wilderness First Aid trainings for those going off grid, and assumes no liability for their misuse.

Moto Medic | Stormproof First Aid Kit

  • + Mesh pockets to find items quickly.

    + Easily identifiable, color coded patches.

    + Tourniquet to stop major bleeding.

    + EMT shears capable of cutting through heavy boots and other protective equipment.

  • Height 6 in

    Width 8.125 in

    Depth 2.5 in

    Weight 2.42 lbs.