The all new Eezi-Awn Globe Tracker is the ultimate in trailer tent luxury. It is made using the same design foundation as the legendary Series 3 models, but offers a few changes that make it perfect for trailers with lower heights (62" (1600mm) minimum) or the bed of your truck.


Globe Tracker vs Series 3 : The Similarities

  • Both tents are made by the same great craftsmen at Eezi-Awn's factory.
  • The sleeping platforms are made of the same material.
  • The netting used in all the windows and doors is the same weight and density.
  • Both models utilize YKK© zippers.
  • They both offer the same thickness PVC rainfly material.
  • The material in the PVC covers is the same, too.
  • The ladders are identical.
  • Both models can be used on the roof of a vehicle or trailer.


Globe Tracker vs Series 3 : The Differences


You may be asking yourself, "Why can't I use a Roof Top Tent on my trailer?" and that's a great question. This is where the Globe Tracker Trailer Tent shines. A trailer by default is shorter in height than the roof of a vehicle. While some roof top tents are compatible, such as the Series 3 or Jazz, others, like the XKLUSIV T-Top or Fun, would sit too low; as a result, the door height is sacrificed by multiple feet and the wall panels will leave material dragging on the ground, shortening the tent's overall life. There is also a ground cover, not attached to the wall set, made from very thick PVC mesh that lays on the ground over the attached floor piece, providing a good seal between the wall and the floor. It cleans quickly with a good shake and doesn't dirty up the rest of the tent when being stored.


The Globe Tracker was specifically designed to solve these problems by creating extrusions on an elevated angle (10-degree pitch), not a flat roofline, so that the walk-in door remains at the 6'4" height and the wall panels don't drag. This design is also particularly nice because the bed doesn't require folding, allowing the mattress to be 50% thicker than others. Despite that the Series 3 or Jazz could be used on a trailer, neither of these models can accommodate an Add-A-Room, an additional 470 square feet of enclosed space, making the Globe Tracker an even more ideal option. The overall result is a spacious two level tent that can sleep 4 adults comfortably. It requires the support of at least 3 load bars and can be mounted for entry from either side of your trailer.


Spotlight : Overland Journal, Winter 2018 Issue

Eezi-Awn Globe Tracker Trailer Tent

  • Globe Tracker Features

    • Vertical Mesh & Privacy Panels Separate Elevated Mattress from Ground-Level Room
    • Large Ground-Level Changing Room
    • Series 1000 Awning Integrated into Roofline 
    • 1 External Door with Mesh & Privacy Panels
    • 2 Large Mattress-Level Windows with Mesh & Privacy Panels
    • 2 Large Window Shades
    • 4 Pockets Under Windows
    • 3-1/4" Thick Hi-Density