Camper Carpet Kit
  • Camper Carpet Kit

    Custom Carpet Kits


    Specifically designed for your model truck and bed size. Awesome place to store camping gear, tool, rods & rifles


    Can be added and removed in 1 minute. The whole system is 5 pieces.


    Kit easily transform into sleeping platfrom in 20 seconds by moving 2 pieces from down low to up top. Padding in the kit is 1.5" making a great sleeping area.


    All carpet kits come with salt & pepper marine grade carpet and a foam topper.


    Ordering Options:

    Sportsman Kit-

    Standard features: Driver’s side hatch door (to store rods or rifles) and Wooden Mug size Cup Holders on 2 corners (driver front and passenger tailgate) Drawer can be added on passenger side for extra charge.


    Slimline Kit-

    Has plastic cup holders on each corner. 16" Storage Boxes on each tailgate corner. Open storage on rest of kit. Drawer avaliable. Slimmer than the sportsman’s by 3″ per side, has plastic cup holders and no hatch door.


    3/4 Slimline Kit-

    Slimmer than the sportsman’s by 3″ per side, comes 3/4 way in from the end of the truck bed, has plastic cup holders and no hatch door.




    Additonal Options:

    Optional 18″ drawer option shown, $49 extra



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