This first aid kit is designed specifically for boating, MyMedic partnered with experts in water sports and boating to bring you the best waterproof First Aid Kit on the planet. They analyzed the data for injuries in the water to guide us in choosing which supplies to use and we've tested them extensively.


The Boat Kit has been engineered to meet the needs of anyone that needs a Waterproof First Aid Kit no matter how extreme the environment. It's sink-proof, dust-proof and crush-proof.


• Automatic Pressure Valve
This valve allows the free passage of air, while repelling dust and dirt. Because this Kit is also buoyant, the Boat Medic can go overboard without fear of damaging any of your First Aid Supplies.

• Heavy Duty Handle
Made to last. This handle is high quality and heavy duty. Designed to be easy to grab even when wet.

• Dual Action Clips
Dual-action clips means no accidental openings. As an added feature, we provided eyelets so you can lock the case shut.

• Water Tight Seal
Water Schmater. Your First Aid Supplies will stay nice and dry with this water tight seal.


*Please note, a well stocked First Aid Kit is only useful in confident hands. We at Adventure Up Overland highly reccomend Basic First Aid and/or Wilderness First Aid trainings for those going off grid, and assumes no liablilty for thier misuse. 

Boat Medic | First Aid Kit