With up to 20% stretch under nominal load (30% stretch at max strength rating), Kinetic Recovery Ropes smoothly transfer max kinetic energy from the assisting vehicle to the stuck vehicle.  ASR's 7/8" Kinetic Recovery Rope is designed for use on mid-size 4x4s, including larger Jeeps, SUVs, and light trucks.  Rated at 28,600 lbs MTS, this rope is Heavy Duty, but light and small enough to easily stow, and is much stronger and more durable than a common snatch strap or tow strap.  Made in the USA in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, this item is made with durable Double Braid Nylon and includes Cordura covered eyes and a 3-ft Cordura slider on the body for enhanced abrasion resistance.  Higher capacity power, smoother pulling and the highest quality materials/construction mean this rope will provide outstanding results for many years to come!  This item is manufactured and tested in conformance with API Q1 Specification standards.

ASR 7/8" Kinetic Recovery Rope (28,300 lb MTS, 9,434 lb WLL)

  • ASR's 7/8" Kinetic Recovery Rope has an MTS of 28,600 lbs.  

    Applying a Kinetic Rope-specific 3:1 Safety Factor yields a recommended Working Load Limit of 9,434 lbs.

    • For use on vehicles up to 9,434 lbs.
    • Minimum Tensile Strength (breaking strength) of 28,600 lbs.
    • 100% Double Braid Nylon construction. 
    • Cordura chafe protection in eyes and 3 ft Cordura Slider on body. 
    • Made In the USA.