Made in the USA in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility, using US-made HMPE rope made from US-made fibers.  ASR's Infinite Loop is an incredibly simple, incredibly strong and amazingly versatile tool for vehicle recovery and so much more!  These simply consist of a loop of high strength HMPE line.  Loop it around anything that isn't sharp, double it up for increased pulling capacity.  Got a sketchy pic point?  Use this incredibly durable HMPE loop in series to take the abuse and extend the lifespan of your other recovery equipment.  Wrap it around your motorbike or other personal vehicle frame as a tie down pull point.  Rated for use in overhead lifting so you can lift an engine or anything else with it no problem.  The Infinity Sling includes a tough exterior polymeric coating on top of the HMPE, providing even more abrasion resistance to our synthetic line that already features the best abrasion resistance of any other synthetic fiber made. 

The Infinite Loop features the best strength-to-weight ratio of any connector out there - they are so light that they float - and they will not rust.  And because they are so strong for their size, they take up very little space and easily fit in your kit.  This sling can be washed off with water and air dried.  This item is manufactured and tested in conformance with API Q1 Specification standards.  Although HMPE fibers are stronger than steel fibers of the same diameter, they are susceptible to wear and cutting - always inspect shackle before use for excess wear, cutting, or worn and frayed areas.


*Additional colors availible for a Custom Build Fee

ASR 7/16" dia X 27" pull-to-pull Infinite Loop (47,000 lb MTS)

  • ASR's 7/16" x 27" Infinite Loop has an MTS of 34,600 lbs. 

    Applying an industry standard 5:1 Safety Factor yields a recommended Working Load Limit of 6,900 lbs (vertical), 5,500 lbs (choker) and 13,800 lbs (basket).