Made in the USA in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility.  The 5/16" diameter Synthetic Winch Rope is one of the most common sizes in the industry, and this 5/16" Synthetic Winch Line Extension is a great accessory for any 5/16" Synthetic Winch Rope!  Like all our synthetic winch lines, the 5/16” family is made from our high strength Plasma® line.  The benefits of a Plasma®-based synthetic winch line are many: Plasma® is as strong as high-carbon/high-strength steel, and yet because of it's extremely low density, it’s so light it floats.  Unlike other synthetic fibers, Plasma® does not stretch, and so in the event of a break there is no snapback, the ends will simply fall to the ground.  Plasma® line also will not kink or burr like a steel cable, making it much safer on the hands.  Our Plasma® line has built-in UV inhibitors, is unaffected by exposure to mildew/mold, and is currently in service with militaries around the world.


This Synthetic Winch Line Extension is coated with a durable yet very pliable polymeric coating that provides excellent durability against abrasion and water/heavy weather and UV exposure.  Each eye has either a heavy duty stainless steel thimble or is twice hard dipped, providing an extremely durable opening on which any number of attachments can be placed.  A 5 ft Cordura ‘slider-sleeve’ is also included, providing the ability to position an extra level of chafe protection wherever needed.  


ASR's 5/16" Synthetic Winch Line Extension has an MTS of 11,700 lbs.


Quality US made Plasma® rope, heavy duty components and professional construction do not come cheap, but buying a synthetic winch line from ASR is a smart investment.  No matter what your task is, these incredibly strong winch ropes bring you peace of mind knowing that their superior strength over a steel cable will help you get the job done.

    5/16" ASR Winch Line Extension (MTS 11,700 lbs)

      • 5/16” diameter Plasma® 12 Strand Rope rated at 11,700 lbs MTS.
      • Polymeric Coating for enhanced protection against abrasion and UV exposure.
      • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Thimbles or Hard Dipped Eyes.
      • 5 ft slideable Cordura chafe protection sleeve.