Getting the Adventure Started

We get asked why quite frequently in life? We get asked "Why" probably an exponentially amount more when a small children is in the house. Their curiosity in everything can be awesome to watch but can also be a nightmare with how often the question may come.

So for the sake of not creating a nightmare I want to share "Why" Adventure UP began. Adv Up began out of a need to create something special. It came out of a desire to let others know about the experiences that can be shared around a campfire. The experiences we can know and have with family and friends in the small glowing light off of camp lights, fires, or even our headlights. The ability to get away from electronic screens, the ability to have no service on our cell phones and be completely ok with it.

Adv Up came out of a desire for these experiences to be a part of my own families memories. My parents took me camping from a young age and I have great memories of riding bikes around the campground, doing Jr Ranger programs, and chasing bears at night. I wanted those same feels for my littles.

So for the sake of not taking all the memories for myself... I opened Adventure Up Overland. I want to help you and your family be able to "Adventure Up" to the great outdoors. There are soooo many amazing places to be seen here in our home state of Texas and our beautiful country.

Habitat Camper ready for its next assignment of adventure

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