...step off the path, into the unknown...

Adventure Up Overland is owned and operated by Josh and Jindra McIntosh. We purchased the business amidst the crazy world of 2020 from the original owner Dave Jansen, who started the shop in 2018. Josh and Jindra have been avid outdoors people since long before they first met, seeking adventure and exploring the world around them wherever they found themselves living!

Josh was born and raised in Northern New Mexico has been spending time in a tent or on a dusty trail (foot/bike or 4wd) in NM or CO as far back as he can remember. Fly-fishing, skiing, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing and just generally being a Rocky Mountain kid was how he grew up including part time jobs in high school at mountain shops tuning skis and bikes. Josh also developed a deep love for 4wd in the form of his first Toyota Land Cruiser, and quickly became a full on cruiser-head. Josh's love for all things Land Cruisers and a deep passion for exploring the outdoors certainly created a blend that most of the world now calls Overlanding! Josh's professional life has taken him all over the world and everywhere he's gone he has found ways to explore the outdoors and escape, even if just for a brief respite. 

Jindra grew up in Southern California and while going into the outdoors wasn't a common aspect of her early life she did find her way out of the concrete jungle here and there. She always felt a draw to the wilder places of the world and when she did get chances to experience the outdoor lifestyle, it made a distinct impression. Camping in the Black Hills of the Mojave Desert and in Joshua Tree became an annual event and, eventually, fishing little streams in the high mountain meadows and skiing and mountain biking in some of the best basins in the country sealed the deal for her. 

When Josh and Jindra met they were travelling together professionally and Josh's constant drive to get outside coupled with Jindra's thirst to experience more of what there was to find was a perfect match. That match has taken them through living in Hawaii, exploring all the islands had to offer, to finding places to fly-fish close to Manhattan (rinsing waders out in the bathtub of their tiny apartment). Upon leaving NYC they purchased a 1st gen Tundra and unbeknownst to them, started their first proper Overland build. That rig saw countless extended trips wandering in every direction to escape living in Las Vegas and grew steadily from plywood and under-bed bins into a purpose built specialty truck. Eventually work took them back into Northern New Mexico, then up to Seattle then Houston and now finds them living the life of ExPats in Alberta! Along the way they added two little ones and a pup into the mix and found a whole new variety of ways to enjoy the backcountry! They also grew out of the Tundra (literally with 4 humans) and moved on to build an epic GX470, now starting again with a stellar LX570 aiming squarely at making this rig even more versatile and capable than all the rest!

Adventure Up Overland purely e-commerce shop and a chance for us to help you outfit yourself and your vehicle for any kind of adventure you can imagine! We have a wide range of experience and expertise to offer, helping you find just the right pieces of gear to make your trip a truly memorable and enjoyable experience. We specifically focus on the brands and products we use ourselves or if we find something new and interesting, we typically take it out and field test it first! We also put a fair bit of focus on kid/family friendly gear. Too often do we hear about kids being an end to outdoor adventures but we beg to disagree! Our first child spent her first night in a roof top tent at 3 months old! With the right approach and equipment almost any adventure is possible with little explorers in tow. 

The quote at the top of this page was written on the inside of our beloved Boreas XT expedition trailer. Adventuring out into the unknown is a great passion of ours,

let us help you lift your next Adventure UP!

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