National Luna prides itself with being a manufacturer of high-quality products aimed at the 4×4, camping and caravaning markets. National Luna has a strong background in portable, low-power refrigeration and LED / fluorescent lighting, originally used in remote areas where power is at a premium.

In addition to these two product lines, National Luna has developed a range of battery management systems and monitors for use in 4×4 vehicles, caravans, trailers, boats, solar and other battery applications.

National Luna has also recently opened a Marine division, aimed at the supply of refrigeration and hot-water systems for use in marine environments.

National Luna has been a market leader in the leisure industry for the past 30 years. They are one of the largest 12V manufactures in South Africa and specialize in the manufacture of refrigeration, lighting, and battery management products. Their products are predominantly used in the camping, caravaning, trucking, 4×4 and boating markets.

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National Luna’s wide range of specialist 12-volt products are aimed at the 4×4 and caravan industry. These products are developed and manufactured in South Africa with strict quality and performance requirements ensuring that customers have piece-of-mind when traveling to remote environments. In addition to our range of refrigeration, lighting and battery management products, National Luna offers a wide selection of accessories which are ideal for customizing your installation.


National Luna currently has a local distribution network of over 350 independent retail outlets and service centre’s. They also supply our products to manufacturers of caravans, emergency vehicles, mobile homes, touring buses and off-road trailers. National Luna has expanded into international territories, including Europe, UK, Australia and North America.