Eezi-Awn is a South African based company specializing in roof top tents, awnings, and roof racks for over 35 years. With decades of proven experience on every major continent, Eezi-Awn products withstand the most extreme elements. From frigid -50°F temperatures near the Arctic Ocean to the sweltering heat of more than 120°F in the Sahara and Central America, Eezi-Awn has consistently outperformed the competition and will exceed the standards you demand during your journey.

There are good reasons why Eezi -Awn is one of the largest manufacturers of Rec vee Equipment. Since its inception in 1983 the name Eezi Awn has long been synonymous with quality roof tents, retractable awnings, fridge sliders, roof racks and accessories. Eezi- Awns dedication for exceptional service is evident in all the equipment we produce, sell locally and export too many countries around the world.

The Eezi-Awn K9 roof rack systems are the rack the was used on the record breaking 7 continent exploration by E7. They are also the trusted choice of Expedition Overland. They have been tested to the ends of the earth, and are ready for more. Why? The rack platforms are welded by hand, to ensure strength. The extrusions are thicker than the competition to be stronger over time. The mounting systems are beefier than others, and we use more points of contact with the roof to ensure better distribution of weight. The racks are anodized and powder coated, to ensure longevity. Combine all these qualities, and you get a rack that can take on the world. Literally.

Eezi- Awn is beyond comparison.

Remember that long after the sweetness of price is gone Quality prevails.